English Courses

If you have decided that is time to finally learn English, our General English course can help you achieve this goal and give you a solid base to develop your foreign language skills. We know that learning a new language can be a daunting challenge, and this is why we have developed a modern and inspirational range of teaching and learning methods that will keep you motivated, so that you can keep learning and make real progress. Our General English course covers grammar, vocabulary, and all the key skills that you will need to develop in order speak and understand English. All our lessons are planned and delivered by experienced teachers who focus on your individual needs and learning style. If you want to travel, make new friends, and communicate in English with confidence, try this innovative course and get ready to see how you can make fast progress while having fun.

Learning English can boost your self-confidence and open up a new world of possibilities. Our General English course is the first step towards that goal, as it covers all the basics and gives you a solid base to continue building your communicative ability. The course consists of practical lessons that focus on real-life situations, so there is no need to worry about outdated materials or boring grammar lessons. We provide every student with a course book, but we go beyond traditional teaching methods and complement every lesson with additional materials packed with useful content that can help you polish all four skills (speaking, listening, reading, and writing). This course is delivered by certified teachers who know how to keep their lessons interesting and fresh every day. Our teachers make use of the latest multimedia technologies to make learning English fun and to help you succeed and feel proud of yourself. By taking our General English course, you can be sure that you will benefit from a personalised approach, dynamic lessons, and customised study plans to help you achieve your goals and to finally get you to speak English. We know that learning English is not just about picking up the language, so we have designed an exciting events programme that complements classroom-based learning and that can help you immerse yourself in the cultural aspects of learning a new language. What is more, this course has been developed according to the Common European Framework of Reference, which means that your English language skills will be recognised wherever you go.

Duration (in weeks): 2-52
For following language levels: 0-9 (A1-C1)
Max. Class Size:  14

Business English – let’s talk about business

In the current commercial world, business English is no longer just a ‘nice to know’ skill, it is now a ‘need to know’ skill. The world is merging and business relationships are becoming increasingly international. Anyone who has to conduct negotiations, chair meetings, present projects, write emails or hold a telephone conversation will quickly find themselves held back by their inadequate skills using only the English they learned at school. In a business English course, you not only gain a comprehensive business vocabulary, but also practise specific business situations through roleplay, discussions and case studies. With optimal preparation, the traffic lights for your successful communication in the international business world turn to green.

Your business English training will improve your language skills in activities such as presentations, negotiations, chairing or participating in meetings, written and oral communication, and the preparation of marketing measures. Case studies and individual practical examples ensure direct reference to normal business life. Additionally, our experienced teaching staff are able to take into consideration the specific branches of class participants. In our courses at the various destinations, you will spend the mornings steering your way through the general language training before changing to a higher gear in the afternoon with business English exercises. Demonstrate your professionalism and improve your self-confidence by polishing up your business English at one of our courses.

Duration (in weeks): 2-12
For following language levels: 4-9 (B1-C1)
Max. Class Size: 14
Focus: General language training in the morning lessons, Business English in the afternoon lessons